• Youth Sunday School (7th – 12th grade), taught by Blake Wingfield

  • Children’s Sunday School (Kindergarten – 6th Grade), taught by Valerie Johnson and Van Runals

2018 Adult Winter Sunday School

  • Timothy Study: What a church believes should directly shape how its members live and behave.  Paul’s letter to Timothy provides an opportunity to understand the dangers facing churches today and the need to guard its theology and teaching to ensure it is consistent with the scriptures and the message of the Gospel. The study will help us to understand the dangers facing churches – from within and from the environment in which it operates, why sound doctrine and worship are important, what are the foundation elements of our own Church’s doctrine and worship, the criteria for selecting and role of Church leaders, and ideas on how to support those leaders. Taught by Steve Runals and Dale Baugh.

  • Young Adults Sunday School: This class is designed for men and women post-high school. Remember the whole cap-and-gown event when you completed a major milestone in your life? Rightfully so, the graduation from high school should be remembered as a major accomplishment. Now, what lies ahead? Please join with others looking to take stock of who they are and, more importantly, who God is asking you to become. This class will provide a place where we can explore together how to bring strength and growth to our relationship to God, as we discuss subjects such as humility, integrity, and faithfulness, learning from the Bible and each other Additionally you are encouraged to give your input on challenges you may want to discuss as well – things like relationships, dating, seeking jobs, and money. Taught by Bob Neel

  • The Reason for God,  Lessons adapted from Timothy Keller’s ” A Reason For God” (supplemented with C.S. Lewis’ Mere Christianity”, among other references) Winter Semester: Part 2 – “The Reasons for Faith” Taught by Rob Kurowski

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2017 Summer Sunday School

Summer Sunday School:. In Ken Sande’s Introduction to Resolving Everyday Conflict, he states, “I found peacemaking to be so rewarding that I became a full-time Christian conciliator in 1982. Since then I have been privileged to see how God’s peacemaking principles can be used to stop divorces, rebuild marriages, restore friendships, reunite churches, settle lawsuits, and even bring peace between warring tribes in Africa and Asia. Seriously!”

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