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Rev. Ben Robertson is a graduate of Covenant Theological Seminary in St. Louis, Mo. He and his wife Dawn moved to Williamsburg in the summer of 2006. They have four children. The Robertson’s love college students, RUF and the College of William & Mary and are glad to serve you in any way they can. Feel free to contact Ben at or ask to be Ben’s Facebook Friend, he just might oblige.

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Missions Marseille, France June 25-July 7 2017

Missions Trip to El Salvador July 23rd-30th 2016

Day one Is Sunday July 24 We went to worship at the Holiday inn!  The service was full and the music lively.  During the sermon we were given headphones to wear and could listen to a translation.  This was very helpful!  Afterwards we went to an inactive volcano.  The park is very beautiful with many tropical flowers and well cared for gardens.  On our way back from the volcano we enjoyed a scenic stop at a mountainside restaurant and enjoyed café y postres!  (Coffee and desserts). Delicious and an amazing view!

Day Two, Monday
We went to the New Dawn Project which is a program to help youth get off the street.  The project is in its first phase.  They are open 8:30-4:30 and provide a safe place for showers,laundry, meals.  There were six boys and one girl that day and we all went to a movie together!   We went to Tarzan!  Then we ate pizza.  Sounds like a vigorous trip so far right?  After lunch the San Salvador youth took naps while the staff and our group went to work.  We hung ceiling fans, chipped paint and painted.  We taught the youth at the center Zip-Bong!

Day Three, Tuesday
We went to MTES HQ and New Dawn. (there are across the street from each other). We did more painting and hung a third ceiling fan.  We helped with the homeless adult project by playing games, handing out clean clothes, braiding hair and serving dinner.  We all tried out our expanding Spanish speaking skills!

Day Four Wednesday
We went to government run facility for girls.  It is located about a 90 drive from San Salvador.  The ride there and back was extremely interesting.  We were able to see the El Salvador countryside and the numerous kind of vehicles on the roads.  At the facility we played games with the girls there.  We taught them Tips and Elbow Tag.  We also played basketball, colored, and played Uno.  All of us had a chance to practice lots of Spanish!  They had a celebration called “Festival del Elote” which means Festival of the Corn”.  Elote is an ear of corn…. Anyway they were celebrating all the foods they are able to make from corn.  Unfortunately, we were not able to try them because of food safety concerns.  We were able to try the heated corn drink which was a bit like creamed corn with a bit of cinnamon.  It was very tasty!

So that is a summary of our first several days.  Everyone on the team is healthy and thoroughly enjoying the opportunity to serve God in this amazing place.  Thank you all for your prayers!  Oh and the temperature has been delightful..mid 80’s. 🙂

Looking forward to telling more at the potluck on Aug 7!